San Pietro di Sorres – English

  1. Welcome and instructions
  2. Geo-morphological introduction to the site of Sorres
  3. The church of San Pietro (introduction)
  4. The Facade
  5. Lateral facade and outside of the Chapter House
  6. Interiors
  7. The church utensils 1 (sarcophagus, relief and statue of Our Lady)
  8. The pulpit
  9. The pluteus and the modern furniture
  10. The symbolism of Easter
  11. Parts annexed to the cathedral (old sacristy and Chapter House)
  12. The Benedictine rule and the regular day of a monk
  13. The monks and their activities
  14. The cloister and the library
  15. The Apse
  16. The Nuraghe of San Pietro
  17. Introduction to the museum
  18. History and archaeology before the Byzantine period
  19. The Byzantine era and the soldier’s tomb
  20. The diocese of Sorres
  21. The bastide of Sorres
  22. The register of San Pietro di Sorres
  23. The construction site of the Cathedral of Sorres
  24. The Numismatic Collection
  25. The Benedictine monks in Sorres – Brief History
  26. The monastery organization